Living With
The Arts at KaDeWe
In collaboration with Berlin Masters Foundation and Double Standards Agency, KaDeWe is creating their first exhibition space for emerging Berlin artists to present their work publicly. "Living with the Arts" is a window shop concept installation that offers shoppers and passersby ten living rooms as a reference to the different worlds and departments found within KaDeWe. Artworks by previous winners and participants of the Berlin Masters exhibition complement the room installations, designed by Double Standards Agency.

These 10 artists offer Berliners a unique blend between contemporary art of the city combined with lifestyle worlds designed exclusively for KaDeWe. From October 20th to November, 20th, 2020. 

The Windows

The Balcony 
by Carla Chan

Winner of the 2017 #TOYBerlinMastersAward. The Balcony blends Chan's minimalist paintings with the breezy design pieces found in KaDeWe’s home department.
The Sitting Room 
by Bianca Kennedy & The Swan Collective

Winner of the 2019 #TOYBerlinMastersAward. The Sitting Rooms blends Bianca Kennedy & The Swan Collective's collaborative video work with goods found in KaDeWe’s home department.
The Youth's Room
by Marta Vovk

2018 Berlin Masters finalist Marta Vovk's unique paintings sit alongside homegoods & menswear from KaDeWe's luxury departments.
The Living Room
by Andy Kassier

2018 Berlin Masters finalist Andy Kassier's photographic work and paintings operate in The Living Room. Here, they sit comfortably amongst select items from KaDeWe's Home and Technology departments.⁠
The Bathroom
by Ole Meergans

A 2019 sculpture by 2017 finalist Ole Meergans, entitled "Chairman (Mono)," is the lone occupant of the Bathroom, a window featuring items from KaDeWe's line of Home Goods and Cosmetics. ⁠
The Laundry Room
by Evelyn Bencicova

"Artificial Tears" is the award winning work of Evelyn Bencicova. Her contribution to this year's exhibition granted her access to the Berlin Masters Schliemann Residency, which will take place in the Summer of 2021. Her pensive, almost unnerving work is situated within The Laundry Room, juxtaposed between items from the Lingerie & Fashion departments at KaDeWe.⁠
The Home Office
by Lukas Liese

2019 finalist Lukas Liese's marble, meme-inflected work sits in The Home Office, amongst Stationary, Tech, and Men's Accessories available at KaDeWe.⁠
The Sauna
by Billie Clarken

The foam material of 2020 Berlin Masters participant Billie Clarken's sculptural contribution is printed with a choice, tongue-in-cheek American pop culture and internet reference, set side by side with Women's swimwear items and accessories available at KaDeWe.⁠